Rabu, 18 Juni 2014

The policy that only a discourse, affecting the indonesian economy

The discourse that minister for trade and minister for industry wanted to make the tariff, trade policy for phone imports, ppnbm, have particular gritty alone in recent months. The policy that will be produced is a government intensive against domestic manufacturers to reduce the rate of mobile phone imports and boost the competitiveness of mobile phone manufacturers in the country. However, this policy led to negative impacts, such as increased imports of mobile phones and deficit of the trade balance.

The negative impact occurred in April 2014 when the news was circulated in public, stimulating increasing  import mobile phones because the importer wanted to pile up stocks before PPnBM enacted. Based on the data of the Central Bureau of statistics (BPS), the imports of mobile phones and tablet computers in April 2014 have risen 58,9% from USD 209 million to USD 332 million. This phenomenon is one cause of deficit trade balance in April 2014 to reach USD 1.98 billion.

Another effect of the discourse is our higher trade balance deficits and negative sentiment for investors. It is shown from the depreciation of the rupiah exchange rate based on trade balance deficit data released by BPS on June 2. Bank of Indonesia (BI) data shows, the rupiah on Friday (30/5) previously in the position of Rp 11.611 per USD directly dropped to $ 11.740 per USD on Monday (2/6). Tuesday (3/6), the depreciation of the rupiah was resumed  as low as Rp 11.806 per USD.

According to Professor of Faculty of Economics of University of Indonesia (UI), fiscal policies such as the imposition of ppnbm and other taxes, which are still limited to only discourse should not delivered to the public because it could create unrest among businessmen and the community resulting the negative impact in the short term.

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